I’m a Visionary Coach and Spiritual Teacher.




Through my Digital Courses and Private Sessions,

I hold space so you can choose to:



Heal your Mind, Body + Spirt

Step into your True Power as a Creative Being

Remove your fear of money and align with the wealth you deserve

Use your power to create an abundant life

filled with Magic + Miracles




For years I thought that I couldn’t be spiritual and wealthy at the same time. Then I realized that currency is literally a neutral current of energy that anybody align with. There’s a formula for generating income online and I want to share that formula with you!




I do what I love for work and make money however I want to. I know that the service I offer to the world keeps the energy of money flowing to me. Last year I spent 2 months in Thailand exploring the beaches, night markets, and Buddhist temples. 1 month in Bali enjoying the surf, New Earth communities, and vegan eateries. And another month in Cambodia adventuring in ancient ruins and volunteering as an English teacher.




I was able to give BACK to the world and enjoy MORE because I chose to get over my fear of money, step out of victim mentality, and take back my power as a Creator. Throughout my trip, I worked remotely on my laptop for a few hours a day, a few days a week, sometimes on the beach. I even made money in my sleep.




Believe me, I know what it’s like to be confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. It’s my Highest Intention to serve as a guide so you can choose to become

Spiritually Empowered and Financially Free.



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