• Find Your Life Purpose

    Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny A downloadable E-Course designed to help you get connected to your heart so you can express your greatest joy fearlessly! During this e-course, you will discover simple yet effective techniques to help you remove limiting thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential. You’ll learn how to place your attention on thoughts that will empower you to create an abundant life filled with peace, bliss, joy, love and happiness. You’ll discover what your heart wants on a Spiritual, Physical and Financial level and learn manifestation techniques to help you create the life you know you deserve! 5 meditation techniques are included in this course: Mindfulness Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Qigong Meditation, so you can begin to develop a daily spiritual practice of your own.And finally you will find out what you specifically came here to do! You’ll learn how to take your dreams and turn them into a do-able plan of action! Read More
  • Activate Your Light Body

    Download the MP4 version of Christina's Activate Your Light Body Workshop straight to your computer! After Christina’s talk, she will guide you in a 3-part meditation designed to help you enter the Sacred Space in the Heart to create your Light Body the Sacred Feminine Way. People in the past have usually created their Merkaba Fields thinking with the mind alone! This class is suitable for EVERYONE, all genders, beliefs and ages, etc! Watch the 2-hour presentation to learn about: Sacred Geometry and the ancient alchemical relationships of the 6 Primal Shapes; the Merkaba Field of Light; the Sacred Geometry of the Light Body, Christ Consciousness Grid and Universe; the difference between death, resurrection and ascension; and why Merkaba Activation is so important! Read More
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