A downloadable E-Course designed to help you get connected to your heart so you can express your greatest joy fearlessly!


Find Your Life Purpose Align Your Desires With Your Destiny (with titles)small


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Discover simple yet effective techniques to help you remove limiting thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential. Learn to place your attention on what will empower you to create the dream life you deserve!

Move beyond the veil of ego and discover what your soul yearns to express on every level. Discover what's blocking your abundance and learn manifestation techniques that actually work!

5 meditation techniques are included in this course: Mindfulness Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Qigong Meditation, so you can begin to develop a daily spiritual practice of your own.

Find out why your soul chose to incarnate on Earth. Learn how to take your dreams and turn them into a do-able plan of action to benefit you personally and shift the consciousness of the world!

The download folder contains: 6 reading modules, 8 private instructional videos, a full PDF copy of the e-book, Find Your Life Purpose: Align Your Desires With Your Destiny, and as a bonus, a free copy of the e-book, Super Awesome Superfood Recipes.


Over the past several years I had developed a lot of stress, anxiety, difficulty connecting with other people, and was pretty much internally uncomfortable all of the time. It didn’t matter that I was getting scholarships and high grades at university, or that I appeared to be externally “successful,” my life just didn’t feel right. For about two years I’ve been really drawn to spiritual teachings, reading many books, watching videos, and going to meditation sits, and while I was able to make some progress from these teachings, Christina’s course was especially helpful because it blended spiritual wisdom with real practical advice for how to apply it to daily life. Growing up, most other people had really only taught me how to do things for egoic reasons, or else I did things just because others told me to. As a result I felt really distressed and confused about knowing what to do with my life in general. Christina’s teachings showed me how to find the motivation to do things that resonate with my own heart, and now I actually feel like doings things for reasons that make sense to ME! Hallelujah

Since taking the course I’ve had so much energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and courage to reach out to people and share myself with the world. Even writing this e-mail would have been too sketchy and frightening for my old-self. I still have much self-work to do, but I now feel very optimistic and inspired about the future. University taught me many things, but it certainly never taught me how to connect to my heart, and so for me Christina’s teachings are extraordinarily valuable.

With much gratitude,


Dear Christina,
Thank you so much for being you. I have been on the journey with you from early on in your public life and have grown spiritually from your insight and ability to communicate about our true human potential. Your vivacity and natural joy is contagious which you maintain throughout your teachings.

I am middle aged and have experienced much of life's rich tapestry already. It was refreshing to be able to reexamine my life purpose again and remove the obstacles I have put in my own path. I really enjoyed taking your course and found it easy to follow. It was not over demanding and just really required complete honesty in the exercises. Your ability to demonstrate the benefits that have occurred in your life really motivated me to throw myself fully into the course.The meditation techniques you teach are wonderful in their variety and great for different moments throughout the day. I learned new ways to get in the zone.

Overcoming our own cultural brainwashing and preconceived biases is one of the greatest hindrances to our own progression in life. You have really taught me to see how strongly these influence our thinking and prevent our purpose from shining through. I needed reminding. I enjoyed your health tips and tried one or two of your recipes. Healthy eating is part of being a whole person.

I would strongly recommend anyone that is struggling with finding their own inner compass to take this course. Christina delivers the course with true passion and knowledge and has helped me rekindle my focus on the purpose in my life.

From the bottom of my heart thank you Christina. I love your Cosmic beauty and earthly charm. You are a natural healer and teacher. I look forward to working with you on more aspects of my life and consider myself blessed to be a fellow traveller with you.

Silence Presence Peace

Brendan, West Cork, Eire

Who would think just looking up something called ormus would lead me to Christina's YouTube page. I'm so happy I found her. I learn so much from watching her videos all the time. She offered a Find Your Soul Purpose course. It really is more then that. It digs very deep into your emotions and helps you unlock things you subconsciously hide. Christina is very good teacher in her videos, very clear. Keeps my attention and I really understand it. It has helped so much. I know you should not make people Gurus or such. However Christina is a spiritual teacher and lightworker. She spreads spiritual awareness, and consciousness. I loved even the book part of the course because I totally agree with her beliefs! That is why I love connecting with her. We all learn from each other. When she offers more classes I highly recommend! Thank you for helping me and teaching me some awesome meditations also! Beautiful Soul she has!

Megan Hartling, Psychic/Medium, Pennsauken, NJ, United States

Hi Christina, here are my first impressions about the course: AWESOME! And here about the spiritual teacher: SUPER-AWESOME! And thank you once again for "being who you are", the ONLY way for your messages to be able to reach someone like me... Have a nice day.

Serio Ongaro, Milan, Italy




I've included a copy of my recipe e-book, Super Awesome Superfood Recipes, for free with the purchase of this course. It contains 6 of my favourite superfoods: quinoa, maca, matcha, cacao, spirulina and raw honey. There are 3 recipes for each superfood, so there's 18 recipes in total! All of them are vegan and most of them are raw.


 The course link will be emailed to you after your Paypal transaction.