Activate Your Light Body with Christina Martine


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Watch the 2-hour presentation to learn about:

- Sacred Geometry, Platonic Solids, ancient alchemical relationships of Primal Shapes

- Merkaba field of light

- Sacred Geometry of Light Body, Christ Consciousness Grid and Universe

- Difference between death, resurrection and ascension

- Why Merkaba activation is so important

- 144 dimensional levels between each octave of existence

- Connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky

- Entering the Sacred Space in the heart

- Creating the Merkaba the Divine Feminine Way

- Conscious breathing into the Christ Chakra


After Christina’s talk, she will guide you in a 3-part meditation designed to help you enter the Sacred Space in the Heart to create your Light Body the Sacred Feminine Way. People in the past have usually created their Merkaba Fields thinking with the mind alone! This class is suitable for EVERYONE, all genders, beliefs and ages, etc!

Listen to what previous students have to say about Christina’s Merkaba Meditation:

"Christina Martine's Activate Your Light Body Workshop is amazing and I highly recommend it! She gives a lot of information during the workshop but she is kind enough to give us even more material afterward so we can do our own research. I discovered a lot of things during the workshop and I really appreciate that she encourages us to study more and judge for ourselves. I feel like for me it is the beginning of a new path/passion.

Also the meditation she does to activate our light body is quite advanced I would say, and it does take a bit of practice to visualise the sacred geometry, but oh god it is very powerful (at least for me)! Christina Thank you so much for this workshop!!"

- Carole Bodineau from France

"The Activate Your Light Body workshop by Christina Martine was one of the best decisions and most powerful experiences ever! I’m extremely grateful that I got to participate, and words can’t accurately describe how appreciative I am for her sharing her unique methods and perspectives on this sacred information. The workshop is a pivotal piece of the ascension and enlightenment puzzle. Christina Martine explains the esoteric world in an easy to grasp manner that just clicks!"

- DragonStarAlchemy

"Christina's workshops are very welcoming and deeply insightful. There is a really friendly atmosphere and professional setup, and she adapts her teachings well to suit the class. She provides a perfect combination between theoretical information and practical experience so that her teachings are both intellectually and spiritually beneficial."

- Jeremy Garner, New Zealand


Activate Your Light Body with Christina Martine

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Once you process your order through PayPal, you will be sent an email with your download link.