• Astrology Readings

    Christina is an extremely strong spiritual channel. When you purchase an astrology reading with her, she will use your natal chart to interpret what’s going on in your life presently and why certain themes are occurring! She’ll also look into your future and answer any questions you may have regarding love, career, health, etc. During a one on one Skype reading with Christina, the client’s guides will often step in and speak directly through her, so prepare yourself for a wild ride! You may also choose to purchase a private video reading where Christina explains your chart in a 20 minute video made especially for you. Private video readings will be uploaded permanently to a private channel so you and your loved ones can watch them anytime. Christina focuses on the Soul's journey: where the soul has been, where the soul is and why, and where the soul wants to go. Read More
  • Intuitive Coaching

    Enter into an live healing session with Christina. Using her strong spiritual intuition along with her practical knowledge of holistic healing, you will be guided to make choices to live an empowered and completely abundant life. Discover where challenges in your life are actually coming from! And learn useful techniques to remove energetic blockages stopping you from reaching your highest potential. Read More
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