The Full Moon is in 17 degrees Capricorn opposite the Sun in 17 degrees Cancer. This is an extra emotional Moon since it's conjunct Pluto in 18 degrees Capricorn! Emotions are BIG and explosive. There is added tension with the Moon and Pluto both opposite the Sun, and Mars in 22 degrees Cancer. With the Sun and Mars conjunct, egos are BIG. If you find yourself attaching to an overly inflated ego or an inferior one, recognize that both are equally destructive. 

Ego wounds may be distracting you from your soul mission. With the Sun and Moon both square Jupiter in 14 degrees Libra, the tension you're experiencing may also disturb relationships. If you can genuinely listen to your own heart and find our way back into alignment with the Creator, the pressure of Pluto will CATAPULT you into an entirely new area of success. This success will come from a much deeper place: from your service to the world, which will result in the exultation of your spirit.

Happy Full Moon! If you would like to book a reading with me, head here.

Love Christina

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