I help people learn how to heal themselves, awaken to their true potential and live in enlightenment!


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I call myself a Master Manifestor because I love making my wildest fantasies come true! In 2015, I launched the online community, learning hub, and social media site, Enter Satoria, which continues to grow daily. I did this because I knew that what some people called “ridiculous” fantasies were actually gifts from the Creator. I knew that it wasn’t really “me” that was in control. It was the Divine.

We are all from the Same Source, and that Source is pure love.

 We all have the same potential for greatness, and don’t need anyone’s approval to start living the life we want to live.

The only thing that stops us from success is fear. When we realize that fear is an illusion created in the mind, we become unstoppable forces of Magic and Power!

Realize deeply that your unique vision is sacred. You came to Earth to radiate your light and inspire others with your brilliance! Whatever dream your heart yearns to express is your duty to share!

You are here to enable the Divine Purpose of the universe to unfold. When you dare to start loving yourself as a Divine Being, life starts to work for you, rather than against you! 




It is my greatest joy to help you remember
who you 
truly are!





I'm an Ordained Priestess, Energy Healer, Artist and Music Producer. I am absolutely IN LOVE with my life, and I want to help you fall back in love with yours!


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